6th Hole at Crooked Stick Golf Club in Winter snowI’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent at Crooked Stick Golf Club during the 3 years my wife and I had a home in Indianapolis while she worked with Indy's school system.  Crooked Stick is a wonderful course, Tony Pancake and his staff are all great to work with and frankly, it was a shining light of inspiration in an Indiana landscape somewhat short on visual appeal.  I like Indiana.  Nothing against it whatsoever.  But Utah, it's not.

In 2014, I developed a great set of photos at The Stick, with Spring, Summer and Fall photo shoots.  I thought I was done for the year, but hold up there, Spanky!  When 6 inches of fresh snow fell on northern Indiana in early January of 2014, I had to saddle up to go see what photo options Crooked Stick had to offer. 

Strangely, no one was around to get me a golf cart, so I took off hiking and spent two chilly but glorious hours roaming the front nine.  Most of the course is pretty flat, and the snow did a great job of hiding much of its character.  But 4, 5 and 6… especially 6… were exactly what I was looking for.  Most of the shots show a peaceful golf course resting under a heavy winter blanket, but my favorite images are shots that have nothing to do with golf.  That wonderful giant of a tree across the pond to the right of the 6th green is beautiful, whether it’s part of a golf course or not!